Will Sansa Stark Become Queen In The North?

April 17, 2016 Torey Wright
Boss A__ Bitch.

Will Sansa Stark Become Queen In The North?

We're calling it now: Sansa Stark, Queen in the North!


When we last saw the last remaining Stark girl (Arya is technically "no one" these days, remember?), Sansa was escaping what was once her very comfortable home of Winterfell with Theon by leaping from the top of the castle into some very deep snow. Sansa had been married off to Ramsay Bolton, the super evil bastard who raped her on the wedding night while he made Theon stand there and watch. Anyway, despite all this pain and torment, I have high hopes Sansa will not be taking anyone's crap this season.

Something else we know about the upcoming season is that Sansa Stark (the former Stark wronged-whipping-girl) is headed for a big and powerful role, says Joanna Robinson in Vanity Fair. That's according to the actress who plays her, anyway.

"After everything Sansa's gone through, it's going to be a big one," Sophie Turner told the magazine/

When asked how to describe her season six character in three words, Turner chose: "Boss. Ass. Bitch," prompting Robinson to ask: "Should Cersei be frightened that Sansa is coming for her title?"


Here's why I think Sansa will be the one sitting on the Iron Throne once it's all said and done. (And she could end up having her imp husband, Tyrion, by her side, but that's for another time.)

Sophie also revealed that while past seasons have seen characters scattered all over Westeros and beyond, this season sees people start to come together. She started the story as the most naive, silly, foolish character of them all. She dreamt about gallant knights and wonderful princes but awoke to a nightmare of murderers, liars and sociopaths.

Cersei played her, Joffrey abused her, the Hound teased her and Littlefinger is using her. But she seems to have learned something from her trials and errors and is blossoming to become a player in the game of thrones by her own right.

It will be a wonderful journey for her to start this epic fantasy story as the stupid little girl who wants to be a king's wife and bear him beautiful little princes - and end up being a ruling virgin queen, propelled to greatness thanks to her mentor's tutoring

Watchers on the Wall confirms that Sophie Turner has been spotted filming “alongside the battlefield” where Jon and the Northerners will square off against the Boltons. That’s right, Sansa will have her shot at revenge against the Boltons, and the North will be behind her when she does.

There’s been some rumors that Sansa will ride at the front of the charge alongside Jon, though there’s no actual confirmation that her role will be quite that active. Sansa is more of a politician than a fighter, so she might be better suited rallying the troops and giving them a common cause to unite behind.

The Game of Thrones Season Six Premiere will air o Sunday April 24, at 9pm ET in H.B.O.

"Should Cersei be frightened that Sansa is coming for her title?"

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