Does Playing Hard To Get Really Work?

April 11, 2016 Torey Wright


Does Playing Hard To Get Really Work?

By Mimi Tanner

First off, Hard To Get Is Controversial

We've heard all the objections. Over and over again. Here are just a few:

Some women say, "With a really great man, I shouldn't need to play games."

I say, "Great men love a challenge. When they're married to you, they'll cherish you all the more because you were hard to get."

Some women say, "I don't have the energy to work on how I come across to men."

I say, "Most worthwhile things take energy and effort. The results are worth it."

Some women say, "I just don't like the whole idea of playing hard to get."

I say, "Consider the alternative - being 'easy'? It's not a pretty picture."

Some women think playing hard to get is a game. Really it is not.

What is the opposite of being hard to get? Easy to get. How has that worked out for you? Playing hard to get is about building romantic tension. Hard to get is about being in control of your dating, love life and your future. When you think of hard to get, think of your heart. You don’t just give it away to every man that comes along do you?


So, What is Playing Hard to Get?

Playing hard to get is not about playing games, it’s about your self value and handling your own heart with care. It’s about not jumping in until you feel confident that the man in question can handle your heart with the same care that you do. So I am not suggesting you ignore his calls or turn him down or things like that. Yes those are hard to get games.

What I am talking about is being true to yourself, not jumping through hoops to accommodate a man and that your time is valuable as well as your company. You don’t waste time on men who are lacking in integrity and character. Hard to get in other words is not a verb, it’s a noun, it’s what you are, not what you play. Your heart is precious and it shouldn’t be something to give away easily.

Playing hard to get with men is like a magic formula. Give a little and then sit back, give a little and then sit back. Rinse and repeat. Watch his actions. When you give, does he give? If so, you can give a little more. If not, if he doesn’t reciprocate or encourage, you are going to end up in a one sided relationship. It’s like a schoolyard game of tag and you are it. If you just stand still he will stop chasing you. If you keep moving, he will keep chasing you.


Be Busy Living Your Life

When a man sees you as his only social outlet and you are always available to him he will not bother to pencil himself in. Why should he, you aren’t going anywhere. That is why it is so important to have your own life. If you have your own life, you are naturally hard to get. He may be competing with your yoga class, happy hour with the girls, but he is competing and men love competition. That’s how you pull back. It’s not like you are shutting him out, you just have other things going on. Getting your time is not so easy. It makes him crave it more.

When a man is in pursuit mode, he gets the same feeling he gets when he is playing a slot machine in a casino. He can lose ten times in a row, but he will still be on the edge of his seat thinking, “I’m almost winning” and he will keep playing. Men like to win, so you have to let him know that perhaps he can.

One mistake many women make is to stop playing hard to get when they think they have him hooked. They then begin to circle their lives around the man and make him the center of her Universe. Playing hard to get with men is a tactic that you never stop. Always challenge him, for this keeps the spark alive and keeps his interest.

The Old-Fashioned Ways Are Best

Hard to Get is a time-honored principle for a reason.
The principles of being Hard To Get are all about valuing yourself!
Hard To Get teaches you how to have restraint - especially when you feel like getting clingy or falling apart!
Love is not for the faint of heart.
Make no mistake about it. Love is a "game" - the most wonderful "game" ever invented.
So play to win. Play hard.... to get!

What About 'Manipulation??

Many people are against the idea of playing hard to get. They say it's wrong; it's manipulative; it's trickery of the worst order.
First of all, that's one of the many MYTHS about being hard to get.

Second, what those people are really afraid of is that playing hard to get will give you an "unfair advantage."
It will. But there's nothing "unfair" about it. Anyone can use these truths. But very few do.

You can call it "playing games" or you can call it "the thrill of the chase".
Whatever you call it, these "games" can mean the difference between being alone with your regrets - or living every day with the man you love.
Let the games begin. And when you play the game of love, be Hard To Get - or Easy To Forget

Being Hard To Get in the Right Way

Are you the kind of woman a man loses sleep over, worrying about whether he'll win your heart?
That same man who never calls you back is quite capable of falling head over heels in love with a woman who makes him feel an overwhelming desire to win her.
This happens even with guys who say they are "afraid of commitment."

Somehow when a certain kind of woman comes along, these guys miraculously lose their fear of commitment because they are so busy trying to get this woman into their lives - determined, in fact.
But what does it take to become that kind of woman in your man's life?

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